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Turning Your Email Newsletter Into A Lead Generation Machine

August 2, 2017

Is This Your Situation?

“I Need To Turn My Email Newsletter Into A Lead Generation Machine…”

An email newsletter program may be an engaging and effective means of reaching new prospects and nurturing clients, but is your company truly mining the leads generated by your email program?

Email Still Reigns

When social media emerged as a new frontier for acquiring new prospects and nurturing existing clients, many began to predict the death of email marketing. However, email continues to dominate as one of the most cost-effective and useful channels for reaching and converting prospects. Businesses especially continue to rely heavily on email as a highly effective means communication and information sharing. In short, we’re all still checking our email.

“72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.” – MarketingSherpa

Leveraging Your Position in Your Newsletter Readers’ Inboxes

Getting in front of your clients and prospects in their inbox isn’t always enough. Include engaging topics of interest to your target audience in your communications to reap consistent open rates. If your clients and prospects know they can count on you for consistent email newsletter communications that are filled with useful content, you’re far more likely to build the type of digital rapport that leads to conversion.

Solve Your Newsletter Readers’ Problems

Don’t be self-promoting, instead be a problem-solver. Take the needs of your readers into account when positioning content in your newsletters. Incorporate content that takes a problem versus solution approach. Point them in the direction of new tactics they can try and services you can provide for them. If you deliver solutions to common issues, you’ll help your readers while also driving leads to your doorstep. It’s a win-win scenario.

Call On Those Who Have Raised Their Hands

In order to get the most out of your email communications, you must track who is clicking through on key content that has a direct tie-in into your service offerings. Set alerts in your newsletter platform that alert your sales team members via email (some platforms even offer text alerts) when this click activity occurs. If real-time click alerts are too overwhelming for your staff, group them into a “daily digest” format to list daily leads in a single grouping.

Track Your Newsletter Interactions

Make sure you’re recording leads and interactions from your email newsletter program in your CRM. Some newsletter platforms also have built-in CRM functions that can help you record, track and manage follow-up conversations with your prospects and clients seeking additional services.

Start A Weekly Review Of Your Metrics

Keep an eye on the metrics and reports generated by your email marketing efforts. Implement a regimented weekly system for monitoring your email lead reports. Ensure that no leads slip through the cracks by identifying those who have not been followed up on within the span of a business week. Instill accountability practices and goals within your team to keep sales team members incentivized.

The Seven Simple Things You Can Do To Generate More Leads From Your Email Marketing:

  1. Consistently deliver your email newsletter on a predictable schedule
  2. Incorporate engaging content that solves your readers’ problems
  3. Track click activity on key articles
  4. Call or email those who have clicked through to read your lead-generating content
  5. Track your phone calls, emails and interactions within your CRM or email newsletter platform
  6. Review your metrics on a regular basis to track your efforts
  7. Repeat

Your readers will love your responsiveness, and you’ll love the increase in leads, if you follow this tried-and-true method of leveraging email newsletters to generate consistent leads for your business.

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