A study on web users’ browsing activity concluded that people only read an average of 20% of the content they come in contact with (Jakob Nielsen).

As a content writer, this can be kind of intimidating. You want to convey your message while engaging your clients and prospects with high-quality content to generate more leads. If your readers are only reading about 20% of your content, then there’s a good chance they aren’t going to make for a viable lead. 

How do you engage a reader that only skims through your content? The solution is in keeping your articles concise.  

Here are some tips to get you started writing concise content for your email newsletter:

1) Stay Focused: 

Plan out what you want to write about before you get into it. Choose one point or strong idea that you would like to make and focus on that exclusively. You want to keep the reader engaged with a singular point and always make full circle, coming back to your original point in your content.

Sticking to a singular idea in your content will give your client or prospect a clear idea of the point you’re trying to make, and create a higher chance that they will retain the information long-term. You want your content to be memorable. 

2) Repeat, Rephrase, Reinforce:

Repeating a word or phrase in your content can be a valuable marketing strategy. By repeating a point or strong idea, not only are you engaging casual readers, but you’re also building long-term memory.

Repetition should not be a word-for-word copy throughout your article. Rephrasing your point or idea can be more effective and create a better flow in your text.

3) Keep It Short:

Keeping your readers engaged means getting to the point. Keep your paragraphs brief but comprehensive, your sentences short, and make sure you stick to the point. Optimizing your digital content by using this strategy gives even casual readers a chance to understand and engage with your articles.

Engaging casual readers can be tough, but with quality content you’re sure to keep their attention. These three tips are a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their content writing. Use these strategies to engage your casual readers and get more leads.