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Here’s What Professionals Are Saying About IndustryNewsletters
Our newsletter looks and sounds like it came straight from our marketing department. IndustryNewsletters tailored every aspect of our email newsletter to be consistent with our branding and messaging, from the headers for each industry matching our web pages to using the exact colors from the logo. IndustryNewsletters has extremely responsive customer service. We have been impressed with the availability of the staff and their willingness to help us with every aspect of our newsletter, including design and assistance with creating custom content. We have been highly satisfied with the final product from IndustryNewsletters and would highly recommend their specialized content to CPA firms looking for an easy-to-use system for keeping their clients updated.
Margo Andersen, Marketing Director

Larson & Company, PC

We’re Helping You Stay Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the wake of shelter-in-place measures to stop the coronavirus, our team is here to help our clients leverage informative content and timely digital communications.

“Thank you and your team for all you do to help us and our clients especially with pertinent communications during the COVID-19 pandemic!”

Michele Eoff-Gomez
Nevada Financial Concepts, Inc.

“Thank you for your reminders about the available coronavirus-related content and all of your ongoing help. I’ve been very pleased with my decision to move over to your company.”

A Payroll Industry Client

“I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a great support team you have. With current events happening, we have issued two OnTarget [single message] launches in the past week, and we expect to launch more in the coming weeks. [Your support team] did a wonderful job allowing us to quickly get important information out to our clients.

The OnTarget feature is amazing, and we will definitely be utilizing it more often as things develop regarding the changes in business practices due to COVID-19. It gives me great peace of mind knowing your support team is there to help out with these emergency short notice launches.

You have a great team!”

Cheri G.

“Thank you so much for [your platform]. Seriously, if we were still using [our former email marketing platform] I would be going insane today. This is the best decision we have made. I appreciate your team showing me the way. No one sees value in the newsletter until they have to use it in times like these. I’m very thankful for your honesty and a truly great product. We have recently sent seven targeted emails. The people that we have reached are about four times more than the clients we sent it to because they share it. Our phones have been off the hook for the last two weeks, partly because of the content. Truly, if we didn’t have this service, we would have never been able to reach out to them in the first place.”

Alba H.
Payan & Payan, CPAs

“We have been sending out three to four very professional looking OnTargets [single email messages] on a weekly basis to our clients and prospects keeping them informed about new COVID-19 changes and regulations. Our open rates are very high. Our clients even tell us they read every one and find our emails extremely valuable. With regard to prospects, by sending these OnTargets, we are educating our prospects, promoting our brand and differentiating our company as experts in our local marketplace. Win-win-win! Thank you to the fabulous client services team at Industry Newsletters. You make this very easy.”

Larry K.

Simple, Effective Digital Marketing

IndustryNewsletters Client Testimonials

“I am beyond thrilled with the service IndustryNewsletters provides.  I originally only signed up for a 1 year contract and when it was up, I renewed for 2 more years.  The service is phenomenal and they go above any beyond to assist you in any way that they can.  They have made it so easy for me to keep my clients informed and many of my clients engage in the newsletters either online or by calling my office for further information.  This service is a must-have and it is definitely worth the investment. ”

Steph Lighten

Owner/President, Adirondack Payroll Services

Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C. Client Testimonial

“We have been using IndustryNewsletters’ services for over a year now, and went from sending a quarterly newsletter to a monthly with ease. The response has been fantastic from our clients. We could not be more pleased with the professional look to our newsletter and other communications, the ease of use, wide range of articles, detailed interaction information found in the reports, and the excellent customer service received from all the representatives. The articles are exceptionally well written, and keep our clients current on important tax and business matters.  On that point, we recently utilized the OnTarget feature to reach a specific group of clients with great success!  The support team at IndustryNewsletters always responds to our requests in a very timely manner.  We highly recommend their services, as their format can be used by firms both large and small.”

Cheri Galante

CironeFriedberg, LLP

“We switched to IndustryNewsletters a couple of years ago after being with a different provider for many years. We have not regretted the move! The IN team has been so helpful and quickly responds to our questions or needs. The platform is easy to use, the dashboard and reports are insightful for our marketing needs, and the content is engaging and diverse. I highly recommend IndustryNewsletters for organizations and marketing teams with limited time and resources – we could not develop and distribute a newsletter of this quality in house for the price we pay IN.”

Sonya Foster

Marketing Manager, Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C.

Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C. Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to reach out and give you an update on the recent success we’ve been having with our blog content from IndustryNewsletters™. Feel free to check out one of our blog posts here. We have posted more than 80 articles from our IndustryNewsletters™ library to our blog, and we’ve had over 4,000 new page views attributed to the blog. We have also seen awesome engagement in our articles on social media and in our email newsletter since we launched. We are so happy to see all this momentum!”

Sonya Ahola

Marketing Manager, Ahola HCM

I am a customer of IndustryNewsletters and love the ease of getting newsletters to all my contacts in an almost automated environment. The content is timely and engaging, I have full control on changing the articles, It is easy to add subscribers, and they provide reports to evaluate the effectiveness of each article. It is also very easy to post articles to various social media options. I would highly recommend their services.
Bahar Tolu

Owner / Operator at Apex Payroll, Apex Payroll

Larson & Company, PC Client Testimonial

We have been clients of IndustryNewsletters since 2016. We have found the ease of use and customization options to be as good as the content and delivery.

IndustryNewsletters digital marketing is very dynamic and allows the user to easily manage their database, content library, email delivery and social sharing. They also work with us to help create custom content, such as our own feature articles about our “Client of the Month.”

What I am most impressed by is the tremendous support they have available for us. The support team is incredibly responsive and never refuses a request. They also guide us through continual learning, sharing all the interactive resources and services available for us as clients. The positive feedback on the articles comes in from our clients week after week. The content is factual, consumer-driven and does not waste anyone’s time.

We look forward to a long relationship with IndustryNewsletters!

Brian Earley

Business Development and Account Manager, Louis Tommasino CPA & Associates

Our newsletter looks and sounds like it came straight from our marketing department. IndustryNewsletters tailored every aspect of our email newsletter to be consistent with our branding and messaging, from the headers for each industry matching our web pages to using the exact colors from the logo. IndustryNewsletters has extremely responsive customer service. We have been impressed with the availability of the staff and their willingness to help us with every aspect of our newsletter, including design and assistance with creating custom content. We have been highly satisfied with the final product from IndustryNewsletters and would highly recommend their specialized content to CPA firms looking for an easy-to-use system for keeping their clients updated.
Margo Andersen

Marketing Director , Larson & Company, PC

Larson & Company, PC Client Testimonial
Aloha Payroll Client Testimonial
We have been using IndustryNewsletters since February 2017 and couldn’t be happier. From the start we were impressed with their attention to detail and professionalism. Working with them truly is a pleasure. The newsletter itself looks great. The back-end user interface is easy to use and provides feedback on campaigns. We love being able to customize each newsletter based on our client focus. The articles library is massive. We can always find informative, well-written content perfect for our payroll clients and prospects. Laurie stays in regular contact with us to ensure our needs are being met. Plus, the Customer Support team consistently goes above and beyond expectations. IndustryNewsletters has helped take our client outreach to the next level. We highly recommend them!
Nicole Rathjen

Aloha Payroll

I’ve been using e-newsletters since 2007. I recently switched to IndustryNewsletters and I can’t say enough about its product, its service and its people. They make me feel that I am their only and most important client. It’s great to get such responsive service. If you are thinking about changing service providers, feel free to give me a call. I highly recommend them.
August J. Aquila

CEO, AQUILA Global Advisors, LLC

AQUILA Global Advisors, LLC Testimonial
Wiebe Hinton Hambalek, LLP Client Testimonial
We’re still loving the service and getting a great response from readers about the content. After the timely, relevant and interesting content, our favorite features are the dashboard which makes reviewing analytics quick and easy and the trigger article alerts, which allows me to monitor prospect engagement in real-time.
Stephanie Chapa

Director of Marketing, Wiebe Hinton Hambalek, LLP

I have been using IndustryNewsletters since January 2016 and couldn’t be happier with the service. David showed me the service and helped me see all the ways I could use it to meet my specific goals for marketing communications and business development. Once on board, their system was very easy to learn, and their initial training was excellent. They even help me grow my distribution list! The creative department at IndustryNewsletters helped design my newsletter saving me the time and expense. They even created custom banners for me to promote my new book. Taking it to the next level, David scheduled a meeting with their founder and CEO, and their head editor. During the call, we discussed my specific goals in terms of services I wanted to expand over the next year. They then wrote articles, they call them Trigger articles, that are generating leads throughout the year for those services!

I don’t have to worry about me or my staff spending time on the service as they take care of everything. Whenever I want to add articles of my own, their platform makes it very easy to do. Client response has been great to the articles and format, and I am also finding the service a great way to generate more referrals and leads from prospective clients. I have found that the staff are all very experienced with the CPA profession, so know what I want and need to help add that extra value to our clients while demonstrating our expertise to prospects. And they continue to be very innovative, adding forward-thinking elements to their service that really sets it apart from the other newsletter services out there. Unlike other companies, they keep in touch and truly care that my expectations are being met. We discuss results, new strategies, additions to their service, and they even ask what more they can add to the platform and content to help me. Overall I couldn’t be happier with IndustryNewsletters and am highly recommending that my colleagues in the profession take a look at what they are doing. You’ll be glad you did.

Amit Chandel

CPA, Focus CPA Group Inc.

Focus CPA Group Inc. CPA Firm Client Testimonial
Fruci & Associates, P.S. CPA Firm Client Testimonial
My partners and I were very surprised and pleased that your team took the time to arrange our recent teleconference. After we switched our newsletter to IndustryNewsletters you arranged a call with yourself, your Content Manager, CEO and head of Customer Support to discuss how you could create content for our firm. It wasn’t just a PR call. You and your team were really listening and came up with suggestions for articles that will create the specific types of new opportunities we want. You also were candid enough to provide input on areas where we would have little if any payback. Thanks to all of you for providing the quality of service that we rarely see these days.
Paul M. Fruci

President of Fruci & Associates, P.S., Fruci & Associates, P.S.

With our switch to Industry Newsletters, we have experienced outstanding service, an easy to use platform, and terrific feedback from our clients and referral sources. Your ideas for a new, more modern masthead and layout gives our newsletter a fresh look while continuing to maintain the custom and comfortable feel that our clients appreciate. Your team at Industry Newsletters has been amazingly responsive to all of our questions and requests for help. You listen to our input, provide great feedback and offer suggestions for improvement, making for such a positive overall experience. Because of your hands on, proactive approach to working with us, we feel you have become an integral part of our team. Thanks for making our job easy!
Debbie Berry

Director of Sales and Marketing, Hellam | Varon Certified Public Accountants

Hellam | Varon CPA Firm Client Testimonial
RP&B CPA Firm Client Testimonial
RP&B just started sending using IndustryNewsletters a few months ago. The program is very easy to work with and they are constantly making upgrades. We love the team at IndustryNewsletters. They are helpful and their quick response time is amazing. The best part about our newsletters is the feedback we are receiving from clients. We have had at least three clients make it a point to tell us that they read every article. Recently we were involved in a third-party client satisfaction survey and a client commented that they loved that we are keeping them up-to-date with important information in our newsletters.
Karen Marie Rashid

Marketing Manager, RP&B

Thank you for doing such an awesome job getting this newsletter launched! The intro letter and the whole thing makes me very happy, I am thankful to have such a great team.
David Scott

Partner, Scott & Baldwin, C.P.A.s

Scott & Baldwin, C.P.A.s CPA Firm Client Testimonial
Shea Labagh Dobberstein CPA Firm Client Testimonial
The staff at IndustryNewsletters has been excellent to work with so far. [Your team] goes above and beyond to help our firm resolve any issues and always finds a creative solution that will work for our needs. I can rely on you guys to be there for us. The reporting features are an improvement over our last service provider and very user friendly.
Tara Sudol

Marketing Manager, Shea Labagh Dobberstein

I’m impressed with Customer Support. We had our initial training in December, and our first issue went out right on schedule two weeks later. We are very pleased with the newsletter’s appearance and content. And the reception from our clients and other contacts has been great. Overall, we are very happy with IndustryNewsletters, and our decision to go with your service.
Nicholas Andrade, CPA

Manager, Andrade & Company