Use Engaging Content to Stay In Touch With Estate Planning Clients

We know that you’d rather be serving your estate planning clients than writing articles for your law firm’s email newsletters and online marketing. However, your clients still need to get information and updates from your firm on a regular basis, and you need a way to demonstrate your firm’s expertise to entice new prospects. That’s why we provide you with relevant ready-to-go estate planning marketing content. We ensure that brand new articles launch with every edition of your email newsletter. We also give you a stocked with additional articles, and we give you the reporting tools you need to track responses to your content.
Top Article of This Cycle: What Do You Need to Fund Your Retirement?

What Are Estate Planning Firm Clients Reading?

Every two weeks, we provide informative articles for our clients’ law firm email newsletters. This launch cycle the article titled Probate: What Is It Anyway? was a clear winner with the highest click activity. To get an idea of the type of content we provide, scroll down to look through our content categories. You can also read the article itself by clicking the button below.

Standard Content

We ensure that brand new professionally written Standard Content articles launch with every edition of your email newsletter.

Content Library

We also give you a stocked Content Library with additional articles designed to generate leads and reach your target markets.

Template Options

Our Content Library also houses hundreds of templates that can be used to create custom newsletter articles or OnTarget email blasts.

Standard Content for Our Estate Planning Newsletters

Our Standard Content is written on a variety of topics that will be of interest to your clients, prospects, and referral sources, such as Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Trusts, Estate Taxes, Elder Care, and more. Our Standard Articles will launch automatically with each edition of your newsletters, and we give you the option to exclude any standard article at will with one simple click.
Check out a sample article in each of the categories below to get an idea of the type of content you could be sharing in your email newsletter.

Estate Planning Articles

We regularly provide estate planning articles covering many topics, including personal estate plans, tips on discussing estate plans with family and more.

Estate Planning Law Firm Content Marketing Article Preview

Trust Articles

Your clients and prospects will always be up to date on trust options with ready-to-go trust marketing articles for estate planning law firms.

Estate and Trust Marketing Articles on Charitable Trusts

Retirement Planning Articles

Help your readers make the right decisions in retirement planning with our library of informative retirement planning content.

Retirement Planning Marketing Content Example

Estate Taxes Articles

Get the answers you need to all of your top Estate Tax Questions with our Estate Tax content.

Estate Taxes Marketing Content Example

Elder Care Articles

Get helpful tips about tax breaks and interviewing at-home caregivers with our Elder Care content.

Elder Care Marketing Content Example

Estate Planning Newsletter Content Library

Our Content Library is your writer’s block solution. Not only that, but our content is specifically designed to help you generate more leads and communicate with your target markets. Access our Content Library and choose from the following wide variety of categories to augment your email newsletter communications.
IndustryNewsletters' Content Library Is Stocked With Hundreds Of Articles For Your Accounting Email Newsletter

Estate Planning Trigger Articles

Our Lead Trigger Articles are specially designed and written to automatically alert you (either in real time or in a daily digest) every time a client or prospect clicks through to read these unique articles.

Estate Planning Articles

Your readers, young and old, will benefit from our library of Estate Planning articles. We offer insight on topics including how to discuss your estate plan with your family and estate planning for people under 40.

Estate Planning Trigger Example

Elder Care Articles

As an adult, there comes a time when you must plan to care for your aging parents. Our Elder Care articles offer your reader insight on the legal and financial issues that come with Elder Care.

Elder Care Trigger Example

Medicaid & ACA Articles For Estate Planning Newsletters

Our Medicaid articles keep your clients and prospects updated on changes to the nation’s federal and state-sponsored health insurance programs. We also write content that keeps your clients informed about changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Affordable Care Act Articles

Get helpful tips with our Affordable Care Act (ACA) content.

Medicaid Eligibility Articles

Get helpful tips about Medicaid with our Medicaid Eligibility content.

Elder Care Trigger Example

OnTarget Email Blast Tool & Built-In Templates

The IndustryNewsletters OnTarget email blast feature allows you to send time-sensitive announcements, product features, news or updates. We’ll also automatically track links in the body of your OnTarget email in your reporting dashboard so you can follow the results of your launches. We know some announcements just can’t wait for your bi-weekly newsletter launches. That’s why we created our OnTarget email blast tool to help you reach your entire database anytime you need. OnTarget messages are also pre-formatted to automatically include your newsletter’s graphics, website links, social media links and contact information, making it a breeze to build a new message.
The IndustryNewsletters OnTarget Email Blast Tool

Estate Planning OnTarget Template Options For Your Email Newsletter

Hundreds of email blast templates in over a dozen different categories are available for use in your marketing communications. Here are several examples, including a special offer template, an event template, and holiday templates.

Choose From Hundreds Of IndustryNewsletters' OnTarget Email Blast Templates For Your Accounting Email Newsletter
Choose From Hundreds Of IndustryNewsletters' OnTarget Email Blast Templates For Your Accounting Email Newsletter
Choose From A Selection Of IndustryNewsletters' OnTarget Email Blast Holiday Templates For Your Accounting Email Newsletter
Choose From A Selection Of IndustryNewsletters' OnTarget Email Blast Holiday Templates For Your Accounting Email Newsletter