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We intimately understand the challenges that accounting firms face. You want to protect the clients you have. You have an obligation to keep your clients informed. You want to have more touch-points with your clients between meetings. You want to look sharp and stand out against competitors. You want to build a thriving business and reach new prospects on a regular basis. You don’t have the time to write articles for digital marketing efforts. If you’re looking for an affordable CPA email newsletter provider, IndustryNewsletters can help you achieve all of these goals.

Your Affordable CPA Email Newsletter Provider

View a Webinar: CPA Firm Email and Content Marketing

Join us for this informative 30-minute session, and learn simple, effective content marketing strategies that lead to opportunities for new business, clear communication, and enhanced awareness of your services. We’ll give you content marketing insights as well as practical examples of how others in professional services industries have connected with clients and prospects.

Centralized Database

One of the most daunting aspects of email marketing is building a database. To get your efforts started, we’ll help you gather your existing client and prospect contact information from your CRM, Outlook databases, LinkedIn and other sources to centralize your spheres of influence within one cohesive, trackable system.

Compelling Content

We save you the time associated with regularly creating captivating, informative content by providing you with a library stocked and ready for you to use in your email newsletter. In addition to our evergreen content, we maintain a commitment to regularly produce new articles on timely issues affecting your readers.

Meaningful Business Intelligence

You’d love to meet with all your clients all the time, but you’re probably only regularly meeting with your top 20%. Our tools enable you generate digital impressions with clients and strategically glean information to make all your client interactions more meaningful, efficient and profitable.

CPA Email Newsletter Provider

Unlimited Emails & Database Building

Get access to unlimited emails each month and let our Customer Support Representatives build a centralized online marketing database for your accounting firm.

Lead Generation With Trigger Articles

Our Trigger Articles and alerts allow you to choose articles for publication in your email newsletter that are specifically written to indicate service area interest from your readers. When an article is read with an obvious tie-in to your specialized practice areas, you will receive an email alert. This feature enables you to easily contact warm prospects demonstrating interest and clients seeking additional services.

Access To Our Content Library

Our Content Library gives you access to hundreds of professionally written articles covering dozens of topics, such as tax and accounting, personal finance, estate planning, payroll, and many other topics, so you can customize your newsletter to target your niche markets. We also write content specifically targeted to hit the mark and resonate with your niche clients and prospects in specialty practice areas.

Ease Of Use & Robust Reporting

Tracking your online marketing helps you get more ROI out efforts. That’s why our metrics and reporting tools are geared to help you easily monitor your success and connect with clients and prospects who demonstrate interest in your services. Our modern, reliable platform is also designed to be user-friendly so you can quickly connect with data and resources.

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