Create Warmer Leads With Lead Generation Tools

Our Lead Generation Tools boost your email marketing efforts by getting you connected with your digital newsletter readers.

Generate More Leads With Trigger Articles

Our Trigger Article feature turns your email newsletter into a lead generation powerhouse. Trigger Articles give you the ability to directly connect with interested newsletters readers in real time.

Our Content Library houses a selection of Trigger Articles you can quickly and easily choose for publication in your newsletters. The topics and content of these articles are meant to provoke the interest of prospects or clients who may be considering your services. When a Trigger Article is clicked and read, you’ll automatically receive an email alert detailing who read the article and how to contact them.

Additionally, we give you the option to turn any article you choose (even your own custom content) into a Trigger with just a few simple clicks.

View industry-specific examples of Trigger Articles at one of our content pages below.

Generate More Leads With Trigger Articles
IndustryNewsletters Customizable Article Survey Tools For Your Email Marketing Newsletter

Customizable Article Surveys Let You Track Who Is Interacting With Your Email Newsletter

We automatically add basic survey questions to the closing of each of your articles, even your custom content. We ask each of your readers:

  • Is this article valuable to you?
  • Is this item worth sharing with others?
  • Would you like somebody to contact you from the company?
  • Additional comments…

This gives you the ability to find out which of your readers are truly engaging with your content. Plus, we email you a notification with the details of your readers’ survey responses as a reminder for you to follow up on your warm lead.

Monitor Leads Using Metrics & Reporting Tools

We empower you with data on every member of your email marketing database. We can show you who opened your email newsletter, which articles they clicked and when the articles were read. Click the link below to learn more about our Metrics & Reporting Tools.
Monitor Your Success And Connect With Warm Leads Generated By Your Digital Marketing

Manage Leads Using Mini-CRM Tools

The IndustryNewsletters database is connected to every interaction generated by your newsletter. Our platform can drill down and give you the click activity associated with each member of your database. Click the link below to learn more about our Mini-CRM Tools.