In order to get leads flowing in through your digital marketing, you must first make sure you have set automated lead alerts on key content. You should also check your click-through reporting to monitor prospect click activity.

Great! I have a lead… Now what?

Once you start generating leads through your email marketing, implement a strategy for converting click-through activity and lead alerts into new clients. Lead tracking is a key component to your success. Lay out a basic and intuitive process for monitoring and responding to leads.

STEP 1: Look at What Generated the Alert or Activity

Check which article or banner alerted your readers interest. See which topic generated your new lead.

STEP 2: See Who Responded

Look at the individual’s contact record in your database. See if they have also been clicking on other content in the past. If you notice a trend, you definitely have a warm lead in-hand. Even if this is the first click, you may still have an opportunity to convert your lead into a client.

STEP 3: Follow Up

Send a personal email follow up to your prospect. Say something like, “I recently noticed you might be interested in [article topic here]. Is this something you’re thinking of exploring? Feel free to email me at if I can help.”

After one or two passive emails like that, take the next step and call your warm lead with a friendly approach to feel them out on their level of interest. Even if they don’t access your services at that time, you have successfully reminded them that you’re available if their needs change in the future.

STEP 4: Track

Creating accurate and comprehensive records of your lead follow-up is a vital aspect of successful lead conversion. Make a record of your phone calls and follow-up emails either in your email marketing platform, CRM tool or tracking system of your choice.

STEP 5: Act or Release

If your prospect shows interest, schedule an appointment for a consultation or take appropriate next steps. Be sure your team is aware that you will be connecting them with new prospects generated by your email marketing.

If the lead does not show any interest after a couple of emails and phone calls, step back and wait for future interactions. Make sure to review your follow-up records and make sure you are not saturating the prospect with too many phone calls and emails. As long as your prospect is subscribed to your email newsletter program, there will always be another opportunity to connect.

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