Have you ever considered what you are doing with prospects that aren’t ready to buy or sell? Professionals use email marketing to stay top-of-mind and deliver value to prospects by educating them on marketplace best practices. Those who leverage digital approaches to marketing have the ability to connect their audience to online resources that can stretch their understanding and help them become educated homeowners, sellers or buyers.

When you desire to educate, you need three things:

  • Expertise
  • Resources through which to communicate their expertise
  • Time

Since most agents lack the resources and time necessary to communicate their expertise properly – IndustryNewsletters and other online resources have been created to help agents educate their audience.

Business owners can leverage technology platforms that are committed to providing valuable content within their email marketing in order to consistently display expertise to their entire sphere of influence. By committing to content that creates value you can equip your audience with timely information for improving their current situation.

Additionally, being an advisor and using email marketing allows you to educate your audience so that they can work with educated professionals, which can streamline sales cycles.

Online resources that amplify your advisory:

  • Link blogs and websites within emails to provide opportunities for diving deeper on specific topics
  • Connect social media accounts enabling your audience to get to know you and your agency
  • Share resources from other websites to connect your audience with useful resources from online libraries, reports, whitepapers and etc.

In addition to generating new leads, your brand and advisory can continue to provide existing clients with positive impressions to keep you top-of-mind for their future needs. You can use email marketing to build post-sale trust by communicating continued interest and care, which can encourage clients to refer their friends and family.