Think about the way consumers develop relationships with brands these days. More often then not, a consumer will typically approach a business once it has some information about how the business operates. Ideally, the average consumer wants to know – what can I get, how can I get it and what makes you different.

Email marketers have an opportunity to inform potential customers about why they should do business with you. Therefore, it is important to think about the action you’d like your readers to take and how you can help them get there. Or, the order by which information is presented to consumers and how that information seeks to guide the consumer to an end result. Email marketing experts often refer to this process as the engagement waterfall.

Hierarchy of Information

It should come as no surprise that the most important information that you wish to communicate should be placed at the top of the newsletter. Digital marketers refer to the top of a newsletter as what is,  “above the fold” (the part of the webpage or email you see without scrolling down).

Since all of the information that individuals want to communicate can’t fit neatly into the space above the fold, digital marketers must identify the priority of each piece of information. Some information should be made instantly visible and some will need to be placed “below the fold” (the area of the newsletter that requires users to scroll down in order to be seen).

This decision is important because according to a Google study, 66% of readers leave pages without ever scrolling below the fold.

Typically, agents will place information that will entice readers to raise their hand as a lead or information that will serve to develop more educated prospects/customers. Big announcements should also be considered to have top priority.

Seasonal changes

By making seasonal changes to your newsletter you can spike the interest of readers and appeal to the timely needs of your customers and prospects. Simple changes can go a long way; consider something as small as changing your newsletter template design to match the colors of the seasons.

Additionally, using content about home protection during seasonal changes (energy efficient heating and cooling or seasonal projects to increase home value) can create a sense of togetherness throughout the year.

 Newsletter Banners

In addition to the information marketers chose to communicate in each email, utilizing a consistent banner within each email can tie a thread of commonality that provides readers with a sense of consistency. Banners can also serve the purpose of directing the ideal actions of a reader.

Think about using a banner to:

  • Help your readers put your name to a face by using your headshot
  • Display your brand or specialty so that no one can miss it
  • Guide readers to your website and other important resources

Having a good email marketing playbook at your fingertips can keep things fresh and in-step with the competition. Email marketers should provide value to your readers by incorporating relevant content into your newsletters. However, they can take the delivery of the value they are providing one step further by carefully considering how they structure the information within each email.