More and more prospects are using your company’s online footprint to do research before approaching you for services. If you’re working to get your brand in front of more new prospects, social media is a great way to build visibility.

Here are three simple tips to help you build a consistent social media presence.

1. Get Great Marketing Content

Choose content your audiences want to read. You can use content from your email newsletter programs and blog posts as regular fodder for your social networks. You may also choose to periodically share content from other reputable sources that will help keep clients and prospects up to date on important issues impacting them.

2. Post & Engage Social Fans

You may choose to post links to articles, images, quotes or other engaging content. Just remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Get your posts noticed by adding interesting images, quotes or photos. Readers are more likely to click on a social media post when there is a compelling image associated with it.

You’ll also need to monitor your audience’s response to your posts. Check for comments and respond promptly to them to encourage more conversation.

3. Repeat Your Social Media Process Daily

Best practices suggest that you schedule at least one post per day to each of your social networks. Social media is not necessarily about shooting out a barrage of posts. It’s about building relationships. Make sure you’re posting content that will be meaningful to your followers. When your posts start conversations, be sure to interact with your followers.

Whether or not your business has an active online presence, you probably understand the potential power of social networking. Social media can help build brand recognition and drive new business to you. Social media also plays a role in creating an online impression of your company. It’s important to maintain a reliable, consistent presence in order to build credibility and increase the likelihood of social lead conversion.

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