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IndustryNewsletters Announces Presidents for Payroll/PEO and Accounting/Legal Divisions

January 29, 2016
Laurie Friedman, President, Payroll & PEO Division

Laurie Friedman, President, Payroll & PEO Division

IndustryNewsletters, a division of HomeActions LLC, an e-prospecting and client relationship service, is pleased to announce the appointment of two presidents for key divisions.

Laurie Friedman has been appointed President of the Payroll and PEO divisions of IndustryNewsletters. She has more than 13 years of experience in enhancing marketing, communications, branding and business development for payroll service bureaus, PEOs, human resources consulting firms and employee benefits specialists. She specializes in building relationships and assisting professionals in reaching all aspects of their marketing, lead generation and communication goals. Previously, Friedman was regional sales director of BizActions LLC, and after its sale to Thomson Reuters, she stayed with the company as a business development specialist.

David Ross, President, Accounting & Legal Division

David Ross, President, Accounting & Legal Division

David Ross has been appointed President of the Accounting and Legal divisions of IndustryNewsletters. He brings 25 years of experience in assisting professional service firms with enhancing their marketing, communications, branding and business development strategies. Ross has served on the California Society of State CPAs MCS/MAP Committee, as well as the State Marketing Committee. He has helped a wide variety of professionals reach their business development goals. Previously, Ross was the national sales manager of BizActions LLC and then marketing communications specialist for Thomson Reuters — Checkpoint Marketing for Firms.

IndustryNewsletters focuses on marketing email newsletters for accounting firms, payroll bureaus, PEOs, human resources and employee benefits companies, and other service providers.

Each IndustryNewsletters product contains professionally written articles that are automatically populated in each issue. In addition, clients can also write and add their own articles. Clients don’t need any coding or programming skills to use the service. Indeed, no matter how the clients use the newsletter, all articles are laid out and mailed out automatically with the push of a button. And for those who want to customize their newsletters, the company provides online, in-context help and live customer service support.

About HomeActions and IndustryNewsletters

IndustryNewsletters and HomeActions were founded by Barry Friedman, CPA, who managed many CPA firms for over 25 years and subsequently sold them to American Express. He then created BizActions LLC, which became the largest marketing e-newsletter company for CPA firms and payroll companies, and sold that to Thomson Reuters in 2012. He has over 15 years’ experience in the email newsletter space.

HomeActions and IndustryNewsletters are virtual companies that employ more than 30 people. Both are headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

For more information, please visit our website at, or contact Richard J. Koreto, Chief Content Officer, at 845-642-4314 or

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