In the wake of shelter-in-place measures to stop the coronavirus, our team is here to help our clients stay connected by leveraging informative content and timely digital communications.

Here is what some of our clients had to say about us…

“Thank you and your team for all you do to help us and our clients especially with pertinent communications during the COVID-19 pandemic!”

Michele G.

“Thank you for your reminders about the available coronavirus-related content and all of your ongoing help. I’ve been very pleased with my decision to move over to your company.”


“I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a great support team you have. With current events happening, we have issued two OnTarget [single message] launches in the past week, and we expect to launch more in the coming weeks. [Your support team] did a wonderful job allowing us to quickly get important information out to our clients. The OnTarget feature is amazing, and we will definitely be utilizing it more often as things develop regarding the changes in business practices due to COVID-19. It gives me great peace of mind knowing your support team is there to help out with these emergency short notice launches. You have a great team!”

Cheri G.

“Thank you so much for [your platform]. Seriously, if we were still using [our former email marketing platform] I would be going insane today. This is the best decision we have made. I appreciate your team showing me the way. No one sees value in the newsletter until they have to use it in times like these. I’m very thankful for your honesty and a truly great product. We have recently sent seven targeted emails. The people that we have reached are about four times more than the clients we sent it to because they share it. Our phones have been off the hook for the last two weeks, partly because of the content. Truly, if we didn’t have this service, we would have never been able to reach out to them in the first place.”

Alba H.

Payan & Payan, CPAs

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