The real key to success with clients and prospects is mindfulness, or staying “top of mind.” Your goal is to be the first person a client thinks about when making a referral. It sounds simple, but when you are working with current clients and managing your everyday business activities, it’s far more challenging to keep in touch (and stay in touch) with your ever-growing database.


Here are a few tips to consider when you are working to keep your business top of mind:

1. Avoid the Delete Button

When you’re competing in a sea of emails, it’s important to avoid being quickly deleted or ignored. Email smart. Include content that interests your target markets, and make sure your subject line is powerful. For newsletters, consider simply copying the title of your lead article into your subject line field. Clients are far more likely to open information that is targeted and relevant to them versus a generic mass email. This extra step will not only prove that you add value but will highlight that you are paying attention to both their needs and interests.

2. Keep Testimonials and Client Success Stories in the Forefront

If you haven’t started sharing client testimonials and case studies in your email marketing, on your blog, and on social media, maybe it’s time to start. Begin interviewing clients who have had positive before and after experiences with your company. Turn these real life situations into stories that can be shared as content. Testimonials are a powerful reminder that your business is the go-to company for new prospects or referral opportunities.

3. Maximize Social Media

It’s tough to stay on top of daily posts to social media, so do yourself a big favor and select a social media management tool that will help automate your posts. When posting, don’t forget to use content from your business email newsletters, blog posts and other online resources on a regular basis. Consistent posting is key to engaging your social followers, and it is one of the best ways to keep your company in the news feeds of your followers. Select email marketing platforms, like IndustryNewsletters, and various social media management tools offer free or affordable options to help you schedule out posts weeks in advance all from within one platform.

When it comes to staying top of mind, content is king. Remember that your email newsletters, blog posts, client case studies and testimonials all offer content that can be shared via email and on social media. Maximize your content resources by posting them to all your relevant online avenues and you’ll always be the first thought when referral opportunities pop up.