If your company’s leads are being be generated largely by word of mouth and referral source connections, this may mean your strategy is only a passive effort. Implementing a solid plan behind your initiatives can help lead generation efforts gain momentum.

Here are three digital marketing strategies that will help you consistently generate new business.

1. Nurture

Your website, blog, email campaigns and social media marketing all work together to nurture your clients, prospects and referral sources. These access points help interested onlookers find you and give “tire-kickers” a feel for the benefits of connecting with your business. Take the following steps to move prospects from cold to qualified:

  • Provide relevant and engaging content to your clients and prospects
  • Amplify your content by allowing multiple access points to that content through your website resources, email and social media channels
  • Include calls to action in your messaging
  • Maintain consistent communications to create repetitive touch points
  • Experiment with a fresh approach as needed – be willing to try something new

2. Monitor

Set notifications that alert you when prospects click through on content that has a direct tie-in to your products and services. You will also need to keep an eye on the data being captured in your online marketing platforms’ reporting tools.

If you don’t monitor the metrics behind your marketing efforts, you’ll never know who is responding to your messaging. You’ll also miss out on determining which content is garnering the most interest.

Metrics and reporting pull double-duty by helping you connect with nurtured clients and prospects while also giving you a feel for what’s resonating with your audience.

3. Follow Up & Repeat

Your efforts will truly begin building momentum when you tap into the results generated by your marketing efforts and follow up on your warm leads. Frame out a system for maintaining consistent touch-points and build follow-up strategies into that plan. Next, identify your rainmakers, offer incentives based on achievement, and build a system of accountability into your strategies so leads don’t get ignored.

Using the example of an email campaign, your marketing and lead generation workflow could resemble a plan following these basic steps:

  • Gather contact information for your clients, prospects and referral sources and create a marketing list
  • Create an email message with informative, timely information that will be of use to your target markets
  • Launch your message and monitor readers clicking through on content that has a direct tie-in to your service offerings
  • If possible, set alerts on such content to inform your rainmakers as new leads come in
  • Follow up via phone or email to contact your warm leads and begin a conversation that may segue into a new opportunity
  • Record and track follow-up conversations and new opportunities using your CRM tools

Granted, these are simplified tips, and there is some work involved in launching and maintaining strategies that consistently generate warm leads. However, today’s marketing options are endless. It is often possible to outsource a number of the steps along your prospects’ journey. Consider which steps you would like to maintain in-house, and which would be more efficiently handled by a third-party resource. With a little push behind your marketing and lead generation initiatives, you’ll be creating a new pipeline of opportunities in no time.