Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)

We understand that your professional employer organization needs a cost-effective way to market your services, educate clients, stay in the forefront of your referral sources’ minds and generate new warm leads. We also know how much time it takes to write articles and regularly launch email newsletters. That’s why we created simple digital marketing tools stocked with compelling content that give you trackable results. We have the easy marketing solution you need to keep your clients informed, drive more sales to your ancillary service offerings, differentiate your PEO and generate new leads.

Centralized Database

Your PEO probably has a wide variety of contacts in your CRM, Outlook databases, LinkedIn and other many other sources. We’ll help you gather these resources together and centralize your sphere of influence within one cohesive, trackable email marketing system. We’ll work with you to pool your existing client and prospect contact information to lay the foundation for your newsletter’s database and get started in your email marketing efforts.

Compelling Content

We bet you don’t have enough time to regularly write articles for your email newsletter. We get it. That’s why we do the work for you. Our digital marketing system is stocked with a library of captivating, informative articles for your PEO to use in your email newsletter. In addition to our evergreen content, our professional writing staff maintains a commitment to write new articles every week on timely issues affecting your readers.

Meaningful Business Intelligence

We know you’d like to help your PEO stand out in a competitive marketplace and generate new leads. Our actionable, meaningful business intelligence will help you generate leads, increase client loyalty and build better relationships. Our reporting tools enable you regularly generate impressions with clients, prospects and referral sources and strategically glean data that will make your digital interactions more meaningful, efficient and profitable.

Lead Generation, Lead Tracking, & Follow-up

You need to boost your email marketing efforts. We empower you with data on every member of your email marketing database. We can show you who opened your email newsletter, which articles they clicked and when the articles were read. We give you meaningful, easy to understand reports and metrics that help you track your results and hone your campaigns.
Take a tour through the PEO newsletter example below and explore each of the features by clicking the icons below to learn more.

1. Trigger Articles Provided By Our Content Library

Promote ancillary services through articles provided by IndustryNewsletters content library. When a prospect or client clicks through to learn more about your ancillary offerings, you will receive email lead alert notifications.
IndustryNewsletters' Stocked Library Of PEO Email Newsletter Content

3. Library Of Articles To Choose From

Content Library is your writer’s block solution. Our library is stocked with additional articles designed to generate leads and reach your target markets.
Libraries of PEO Marketing Banners, Graphics & Images

4. Built-in Banners & Images

Our libraries contain thousands of options for use in your newsletter, custom articles, and email blasts.

5. Your Contact Info And Links To Your Social Media

Your newsletter features a section that highlights your company contact information and links to your social networks.
PEO Marketing Email Newsletter Examples From Our Clients

6. We Help With Design And Setup

Match your newsletter to your brand and make it all your own.

7. Built-In Links

The newsletter drives traffic to your web pages and social media.

8. Target Market Articles

Targeted content helps boost engagement with your readers by delivering highly relevant, meaningful information.

9. Local Entertainment & Events Calendar

Our local entertainment and events calendar is an interactive feature designed to boost engagement with your readers.
Get Help Building Your PEO Marketing Database

We Build Your Database

We’ll work with you to collect and organize all your contacts into one centralized, trackable digital marketing database so you can get started right away.

PLUS Hands-on Customer Support

Our Support Representatives (CSRs) will help you get your branded newsletter program customized just the way you want it.

What makes us different?

Trigger Articles

Our Trigger articles and alerts allow you to choose articles for publication in your email newsletter that are specifically written to indicate product or service area interest from your readers. When an article is read with an obvious tie-in to your services, you will receive an email alert. This feature enables you to easily contact warm prospects demonstrating interest and clients seeking additional services.

Content Library

Our Content Library gives you access to hundreds of professionally written articles covering dozens of topics so you can customize your email newsletter to reach your core audience and target your niche markets. We also give you the option of creating and housing your own custom content when you’d like to let your contacts know about special announcements, important events or company news.

Target Market Articles

We know you need content written specifically to target niche clients and prospects in your specialty practice areas. That’s why our professional writing staff regularly generates quality content that will hit the mark with your niche subsets, such as healthcare, restaurants, municipalities, multi-state, construction and more.
Content Rich Email Marketing For The PEO Industry

DMZ-score Benchmark Reports

What are DMZ Reports? DMZ stands for Digital Marketing Z-score. It is a monthly comparative benchmark report that looks at critical aspects of your digital marketing when using the IndustryNewsletters platform. This tool helps you analyze your results and stay ahead of the competition.
Boost your email marketing efforts by easily connecting with warm leads generated by your PEO marketing newsletter. Our lead generation tools, such as Trigger Articles with alerts, custom article surveys, and lead follow-up tracking tools will increase leads, resulting in new business.
OnTarget is our single-email messaging tool that equips you to send up to 20,000 email communications per month to your contacts between your regular newsletter launches anytime you want to promote your PEO and ancillary service offerings.
We give you the ability to feature links to your social media business pages in your newsletter, plus every article contains built-in sharing tools that allow you and your readers to easily share your content to popular social networks.

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Business Growth & Client Nurturing Tools For Professional Employer Organizations

We know that consistent communications will help you nurture clients and generate more warm prospects.

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Who We Are

IndustryNewsletters helps Professional Employer Organizations reach an unlimited number of clients, prospects and referral sources through the use of user-friendly, powerful digital marketing tools. We understand that you want to educate your clients, stand out from among your competitors, and generate new leads. That’s why we created simple digital marketing tools stocked with compelling content to help you achieve measurable results.


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Pic2015_4Laurie Friedman, President, Payroll & PEO Division

Laurie Friedman is the President of our Payroll and PEO divisions. Laurie has 13 years’ experience in enhancing marketing, communications, branding and business development for professional service firms. In her previous experience at the online marketing company formerly known as BizActions, Laurie created the infrastructure for the payroll and PEO divisions. Laurie places a high value on relationship building and appreciates her long-standing connections in these industries. Laurie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland.

You can call Laurie at (240) 356-1023, connect with her on LinkedIn, or email her by clicking the button below.