Start reading minds. Email metrics make it easier for you to predict your clients’ ancillary service needs.

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IndustryNewsletters can help you better promote your ancillary service offerings, as well as respond to clients who show interest. Watch our video here to learn a little more about us. You’ll learn how email marketing metrics can help you read the minds of your clients by monitoring and responding to client click activity associated with your ancillary service promotions. Request a one-on-one demo or check out a live example of an email newsletter from one of our clients below. Start reading minds. Email metrics make it easier for you to predict your clients’ ancillary service needs.

You want to read the mind of your client to make that ancillary sale. Email metrics will help you keep your finger on the pulse.


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Simple, robust tools to help you connect.

You can rely on our marketing solutions to help you consistently promote your payroll services through monitoring client click activity on articles to respond to clients showing interest.

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Meaningful Business Intelligence

We know you’d like to differentiate your payroll bureau in a competitive marketplace. Our reporting tools enable you regularly monitor the impressions you’re generating with clients, prospects and referral sources. We give you the simple graphs and metrics you need to easily glean information and access more meaningful, efficient and profitable digital interactions. Our data empowers you to actively connect with warm prospects and reach clients demonstrating interest on your payroll bureau’s ancillary service offerings.

Compelling Content To Engage Your Contacts

We’re doing the hard part for you. Our editorial team is regularly writing articles and continually adding to a stocked library of content for your use in email newsletter and email blast campaigns. Our library also contains Target Market articles and Interactive Content designed to generate warm leads. In addition to our evergreen content, we maintain a commitment to regularly produce and automatically populate your newsletter with fresh, new articles on timely issues affecting your reader every two weeks.

Lead Generation With Trigger Articles

Our Trigger Articles with built-in alerts allow you to choose articles for publication in your email newsletter that are specifically written to indicate interest from your newsletter readers. When an article is read with an obvious tie-in to your main or ancillary services, you will receive an email or text message alerting you to follow up. This feature enables you to quickly and easily connect and begin conversations with warm prospects or clients seeking additional services.

Centralized Database Housing All Your Contacts

One of the most daunting aspects of email marketing is building a robust database. You might have contacts scattered about in your CRM, Outlook databases, LinkedIn and other many other sources. Why not pool all your important contacts and centralize them within one cohesive, trackable email marketing system? We’ll work with you to gather your existing client, prospect and referral source contact information, and quickly get you started by laying the foundation for your marketing database.