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We understand you want to hold onto your clients and grow new business.

We know how painful it can be to lose a client, and we know how much it takes to find new clients to fill that gap. Fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you to set a short meeting that will show you how our no-fuss digital marketing solutions can help your accounting firm reach more clients and prospects on a consistent basis. You can also use our chat feature in the lower-right corner to chat with a representative during regular business hours to schedule a demo right away.

Centralized Database Housing All Your Contacts

One of the most daunting aspects of email marketing is building a database. To get your efforts started, we’ll help you gather your existing client and prospect contact information from your CRM, Outlook databases, LinkedIn and other sources to centralize your spheres of influence within one cohesive, trackable digital marketing system.

Compelling Content To Engage Your Contacts

We save you the time associated with regularly creating captivating, informative content by providing you with a library stocked and ready for you to use in your email newsletter. In addition to our evergreen content, we maintain a commitment to regularly produce new articles on timely issues affecting your readers. In fact, we automatically create several new articles every launch cycle and position them in your email newsletter for you.

Lead Generation With Trigger Articles

Our Trigger Articles and alerts allow you to choose articles for publication in your email newsletter that are specifically written to indicate service area interest from your readers. When an article is read with an obvious tie-in to your specialized practice areas, you will receive an email alert. This feature enables you to easily contact warm prospects demonstrating interest and clients seeking additional services.

Meaningful Business Intelligence

You’d love to meet with all your clients all the time, but you’re probably only regularly meeting with your top 20%. Our digital marketing tools enable your firm to create digital impressions with clients and prospects. This gives you the ability to generate metrics based on engagement and strategically glean information from our reporting tools to make all your digital marketing interactions more meaningful, efficient and profitable.