Get Full Access To Our Integration With ProfitCents® by Sageworks

Every IndustryNewsletters purchase comes equipped with access to one free ProfitCents® report download notification per month. If your accounting firm would like to get full access to leads generated by responses to benchmark data downloads for 50 different industries, we offer affordable pricing options below.


If You Already Have ProfitCents And IndustryNewsletters


If you are an IndustryNewsletters client, and you are also a ProfitCents® client, you’re all set! Click here to email us or call us at (240) 252-2077 to start receiving full access (at no additional charge) to lead alerts generated when newsletter readers access ProfitCents reports through the IndustryNewsletters platform.


If You Have IndustryNewsletters, But You Don’t Have ProfitCents


If you are an IndustryNewsletters client, but you are not a ProfitCents client, you can either click here to contact ProfitCents and request pricing for the ProfitCents Suite, or choose one of the pricing options above to add unlimited access to ProfitCents integration to your existing IndustryNewsletters plan.

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If you’d like to speak with a representative and get a first-hand look at how integrated solutions from ProfitCents and IndustryNewsletters can help you reach more new prospects and generate more profitable client engagements, just fill out the form here. One of our representatives will contact you within one business day to set a demo.