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Automated email marketing solutions that helps home-based business owners connect with their network and make the most of business opportunities.



We’re doing the hard part for you. Our editorial team is regularly writing articles and continually adding to a stocked library of content for your use in email newsletters. Our Content Library contains articles on recruiting, motivation, leadership and more. Plus we give you the ability to create and store your own custom articles and images.

Trigger Articles

Our system also gives you the ability to generate warm leads with specialized content. When your newsletter contacts click through to read unique Trigger Articles, you’ll receive an alert in real time (or in a daily digest). These special articles connect you directly with newsletter readers who are interested in learning more about your product offerings.

Strategic Data: DMZ Reports

Tap into our next-level reporting with our DMZ Reports. DMZ stands for Digital Marketing Z-score. This monthly report looks at critical aspects of digital marketing when using the IndustryNewsletters platform.

The DMZ-score is based on a 10-point scale. We use key statistics, such as number of contacts, email open rates, click rates, and Trigger Articles, as well as other factors, to develop an algorithm that helps you track and benchmark your marketing efforts.

The fundamental idea is to help you see how you are doing on critical success factors within digital marketing by benchmarking your progress.

Centralized Networking Database

You need a thriving referral pipeline. If your contacts are scattered across your phone, social networks, personal and business email databases, and other sources, you’ll miss opportunities. We’ll help you consolidate your contacts and create your own centralized marketing database.

PLUS we’ll give you the tools you need to track and manage interactions with those contacts. IndustryNewseltters houses a mini-CRM tool that you can use to keep detailed records on the history of each of your contacts. We’ll help you record tasks, keep notes, track messages, send emails, and set and manage reminders. We give you all this within one simple platform.

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