Integration With Sageworks ProfitCents

IndustryNewsletters Sageworks ProfitCents Integration

Measurable Data

Give clients and prospects the opportunity to see how they stack up in their industry.

Strategic Consulting Tools

Provide proactive advice by highlighting strengths and weaknesses with peer-to-peer benchmarks.

Clear Reporting

Offer reports that communicate complex information in easy graphs, charts and metrics.

Lead Generation

Receive detailed lead alerts every time a client or prospect accesses industry benchmark statistics.

Intelligent Consulting Solutions

Imagine that your firm is the place where prospects and clients gain access to valuable industry benchmark statistics that help them navigate the purchase or sale of a business, enhance their efficiency, gain tax planning insights, and access other business planning strategies.

Now imagine that these consulting solutions are automated and fully integrated with a digital marketing tool.

IndustryNewsletters and ProfitCents have partnered together to deliver accounting firms simple, cohesive, automated lead generation and client consulting tools.

IndustryNewsletters CPA Firm Email Newsletter Integration With Sageworks ProfitCents Industry Benchmark Reports Example

How It Works

1. We Get You Set For Success

The IndustryNewsletters platform comes equipped with integrated ProfitCents benchmark reports that are delivered to your contacts in an accessible email newsletter format.

2. Your Prospects Receive Your Newsletter

We track who clicks on the “Full Article” link beneath your newsletter article intros. (You can click the newsletter image here to view a full-page example.)
Click Here To View The Full Sample

4. You Can Receive Real-Time Notifications

Once your contact clicks the “Submit” button on the newsletter landing page, you can receive instant or daily notification of what information was requested.
Click Here To View The Full Landing Page

3. Your Prospects Access A Landing Page

Once prospects click through to the “Full Article,” they will be given options to access one among 50 industry benchmark reports and choose the primary reasons for accessing this information. (You can click the landing page image here to view a full-page example.)
IndustryNewsletters ProfitCents Lead Alert Image

5. Your Prospects Receives A Report

Once your prospects completes the information request on the landing page and clicks the “Submit” button, they will receive access to download their report. Here is an example of one among the 50 industry benchmark reports available. (You can click the report image here to view a full-page example. To see other reports, use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us.)
Click Here To View The Full Benchmark Report

Contact ProfitCents® By Sageworks

Be sure to connect with ProfitCents to get a quote for your firm or learn more.
Get Connected With Sageworks ProfitCents

6. An Email Goes Out To Your ProfitCents Representative

Your ProfitCents representative will also receive notification that one of your contacts downloaded an industry benchmark report. This means you’re automatically connected with a representative to ensure your firm has everything you need to facilitate a consultation.

Affordable Pricing Options

Every IndustryNewsletters purchase comes equipped with access to one free Sageworks ProfitCents report download per month. If your accounting firm would like to give your clients full access to benchmark statistics for 50 different industries, we offer affordable pricing options.

If You Already Have ProfitCents And IndustryNewsletters

If you are an IndustryNewsletters client, and you have ProfitCents, you’re all set. You can access your ProfitCents reports through your IndustryNewsletters platform at no additional charge!

If You Have IndustryNewsletters But You Don't Have ProfitCents

If you are an IndustryNewsletters client, but you are not a Sageworks ProfitCents client, you can either contact ProfitCents to request pricing for the ProfitCents Suite or choose one of the pricing options below to add unlimited access to ProfitCents integration to your existing plan.

If You Have ProfitCents But You Don't Have IndustryNewsletters

If you are a ProfitCents client, but you are not an IndustryNewsletters client, you can either contact IndustryNewsletters to request pricing for the IndustryNewsletters digital marketing solution or use the form at the bottom of this page to request a demo.

If You Don't Have Either ProfitCents Or IndustryNewsletters

If you are new to both ProfitCents and IndustryNewsletters, we recommend that you use the form at the bottom of this page to request a demo. This will help you get a full understanding of your options. You can also contact IndustryNewsletters or Sageworks ProfitCents directly to request additional information including pricing options.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo!

If you’d like to speak with a representative and get a first-hand look at how integrated solutions from ProfitCents and IndustryNewsletters can help you reach more new prospects and generate more profitable client engagements, just fill out the form here and one of our representatives will contact you within one business day to set a demo.