Workflow for Your CPA Firm's Email Marketing

Create strategic email marketing campaigns for your accounting firm communications with built-in messaging templates and helpful workflow strategies.


Built-in templates created specifically for accounting firm communications and email campaigns


Database segmentation with the ability to add custom fields and tags


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Access on-demand single email messaging for important announcements

Access a fully stocked library of workflow templates designed specifically for CPA firm communications.

From client tax deadline reminders to marketing campaigns, the IndustryNewsletters™ workflow library has everything you'll need to easily set up your accounting firm messaging.

Target Your CPA Firm Audience & Easily Build Campaigns with Our Workflow Solutions

Our easy-to-use workflow templates are pre-populated with your accounting firm communications needs in mind. Our customized solutions and helpful customer support team will make your automated firm messaging a breeze.

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Targeted communications help your accounting firm nurture clients and generate warmer new leads.

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