Track Your Marketing Success With DMZ-Score Reporting

We give you comprehensive (and confidential) benchmarking statistics comparing your digital marketing efforts to other IndustryNewsletters users.

Track Email Marketing Efforts With DMZ Reports

Track Email Marketing Efforts With DMZ Reports

What are DMZ Reports? DMZ stands for Digital Marketing Z-score. It is a monthly report that looks at critical aspects of digital marketing when using the IndustryNewsletters platform.

Key statistics, such as number of contacts, open rates, click rates, and trigger articles as well as others, are blended together to develop an algorithm to called a DMZ-score.

The IN DMZ-score is based on a 10-point scale. Once we obtain your DMZ-score, we can then roll up the scores by region and industry to give you comparative benchmarks. We can also compare your score to all other IndustryNewsletters users. The fundamental idea is to help you and your partners or management groups see how you are doing on critical success factors within digital marketing by benchmarking.