EmployeeNewsletters Partner Program

Get benefits when you utilize your client email communications to showcase EmployeeNewsletters.EmployeeNewsletters help your clients, prospects and referral sources better communicate with their staff, engage their employees and build a stronger business.


Expand Your Reach


Since we’ll be cross-promoting your business, we give your company multiple opportunities to reach untapped prospects and generate new business for your firm.

Earn Fees


For the first year you partner with us, you’ll earn 20% of all collections from every EmployeeNewsletters sale referred by you.

What We'll Ask Of You


As a member of our partner program, we’ll ask you to promote EmployeeNewsletters in the following ways:


  • Utilize your client email communications to showcase EmployeeNewsletters at least once per month
  • Utilize promotional articles, banner ads and other marketing copy and graphics that we provide for you
  • Place our logo and a small description of our services on your website with a link back to our site

What We'll Do For You


As a valued partner, you can expect to receive the following benefits from us:


  • Reciprocal marketing promotions on your behalf to various EmployeeNewsletters members
  • 20% commission for all referred sales within your first year as a Partner, and then 5% fees on renewals for three years
  • Access to a secure login for your Partner Center where you can track your incoming leads and see fees related to referral sales
  • Fees paid on a monthly basis as we collect new sales related to your referrals