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As your business grows and expands, effective communication with employees in multiple departments becomes more and more challenging. We have developed EmployeeNewsletters as a simple email solution for your company’s internal communication needs.
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Want More Highly Engaged Employees?

You know that a disengaged workforce can negatively impact your business. According to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. That’s a staggering number. However, most employees really do enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Employees who are disconnected are often seeking ways to plug back into their job and become more productive. Better communication can be a pivotal tool in the struggle against waning productivity.
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Happy employees do more.

Engaged employees are 21% more productive than disengaged staff.

More productive employees make you 22% more profitable.

Satisfied employees go that extra mile for your clients, and happy clients are far more likely to remain loyal to your business, purchase more add-on services, and refer you to others.

Better, more frequent communication is the key.

Good internal communication helps lower staff turnover rates and absenteeism rates.

When your staff is successful, your company is successful.

Turn your staff into a team of advocates through engaging email newsletter communications that help them achieve success.

Enhance Communications

An internal company newsletter can help you clearly define and communicate your company’s culture.


Improve Collaboration Between Teams

A company-wide communication platform helps leadership and management keep team members focused on directives, mission statements and future plans. This helps keep all of internal teams and departments aligned with common goals.


Attract Talent

Email newsletters can also help your company demonstrate your culture to potential new hires. Use your email communications as recruiting tools to help you garner interest from high-quality candidates.


Align External Resources

Email is also the perfect platform for broadcasting positive company PR to key business partners like VIP clients, program managers, subcontractors and referral sources like bankers, attorneys, and accountants.


Acknowledge Excellence

Use email newsletters to acknowledge accomplishments and broadcast appreciation of high-performing team members.


Build Loyalty

Positive communications highlight the best of your company and help build team relationships and company loyalty.


Build Community

Newsletters create a sense of community and corporate service both within and outside your company.


Feature Employee Benefits And Perks

EmployeeNewsletters can link seamlessly to your employee benefits site, online human resources portal, company website and other important sites, making it simple for your staff to find essential resources. We will also work with your firm to provide additional perks and benefits for your team at no added cost to your company.

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Company Employee Email Newsletter Custom Sample

How We Help You

We know that everyone can’t be tech geniuses, and we also understand that email newsletter creation can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why we do much of the heavy lifting for you:

  • We’ll help you name your newsletter
  • We’ll help you customize your template settings
  • We’ll provide you with graphics for use in your email newsletter
  • We’ll consult with you to determine what kind of content would be of greatest benefit to helping you achieve your internal communication goals

If you’d like to get an idea of what our newsletters look like and how they function, click the link below to review an example.

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Connect To Resources

Your email newsletter can be set up to include links to your human resources site, employee benefits portal, company website, and company social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With one click, your employees will gain access to all your online resources and various communication channels.



Our platform allows you to customize your newsletter’s color scheme, graphics, resources links and articles to align with your firm’s brand message. You are able to add up to six custom articles in each monthly launch. You can also add your own banners featuring important announcements or updates.

Ready-To-Go Articles

Every month, we’ll do part of the employee email newsletter creation work for you by automatically populating four to five professionally-written, timely articles in each launch. These articles, on topics such as personal tax, wealth management, real estate, local events, leadership and inspiration, are full of useful information for your team.

OnTarget Email Blasts

OnTarget is an email blast feature built right into our platform. When you have important announcements between your monthly newsletter launches, use OnTarget to get the word out. This easy feature is automatically formatted to include all your newsletter customization options and allows you to track responses to your message.

Automated Launch

Our system automatically launches your employee newsletter on a monthly basis. This feature helps you stick to a regular distribution schedule and consistently reach your staff.

Tracking & Metrics

If you send out a crucial announcement in one of your email newsletter launches, you’ll be able to track your responses and see how many employees read the important update. Our robust reporting tools help you measure and track employee engagement.

Surveys & Polls

Your employee newsletters can be used to poll or survey your staff members. Include anonymous survey response links in your email newsletter to keep your finger on the pulse of your employee satisfaction rates.

Offers & Perks

As an added benefit, we’ll include exclusive offers, discounts and perks from local professionals and vendors for employees to access in each newsletter launch. These offers are only available to our customers and their employees.

Our Support Options

If you’re tight on staff (or just tight on time) we off three customer support models to help you meet your internal communication needs.

Standard Support

Our Raving Fans Customer Support team will create your account and train you on use of the EmployeeNewsletteron email platform. If you ever have questions, you’ll be able to contact us via email or phone for unlimited assistance, seven days a week.

Premium Support

With Premium Support, you’ll receive all the benefits listed above and more. You’ll have access to proofreading and content review and extra graphics. Simply send us your article copy and graphics, and we will proofread your content, format your articles and upload them to our platform. We’ll also add additional graphics if necessary, and we’ll give you a full preview of your email newsletter for you to review prior to launch.

Premium PLUS Support

Our top-end support package offers everything you see here, plus professional ghost-writing of all your employee newsletter articles. We’ll conduct interviews with you and/or your team members and produce professionally written articles, approximately 500 words in length. You’ll be able to select how many articles you want to include in each monthly edition, and we’ll give you a complete newsletter that you can review and approve before it launches to your employees.

Support Hours

The EmployeeNewsletter Customer Support team is available to assist you and answer questions from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM US Eastern Monday through Friday via email at or via phone at (240) 252-2077. We also have a simple, intuitive help feature within our platform to give you a hand anytime you need it.


Our goal is to keep our newsletters sophisticated, yet affordable. Contact us, and we’ll discuss our pricing options with you.

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